Whatcom Falls

Proposed Residential Subdivision

Proposed-A New single-family neigborhood residential subdivision, with approximately 30 new homes, located south of Xenia Street and west of Yew Street.

Next step is filing an an offical application with the City of Bellingham.

Find out more information by contacting Nathan Row, P.E. with Associated Project Consultants, Inc., P.S. at (360) 671-1146.

City Contact: Kathy Bell kbell@cob.org,
Phone 360-778-8347

Water Treatment Plant Update

The May 2018 update on the DAF project at Whatcom Falls Park has been released. Please Click Here to Read!

Mark your calendar

for the


1st Annual

Whatcom Falls




Friday August 3rd 

5 – 9 PM

Whatcom Falls Park


More information soon…

Contact:  Claudia at WFNA229@gmail.com


WFNA Meeting Information

Next Meeting is September 11th

More information will be coming on our September 11th meeting.

In the mean time make sure and join us at Whatcomfalls Park on Friday August 3rd at 6:00 PM for our first annual "WFNA Picnic at the Park". This will be a fun neighborhood event.

Please email Claudia at WFNA229@gmail.com for more information and to find out how you can help!

All residents are encouraged to attend and to be active in your neighborhood .

Our meetings are held at Kulshan Middle School, located at 1250 Kenoyer Drive. In Classroom #209 (First Hall on the Right)


Whatcom Falls Neighborhood Association (WFNA)

The Bellingham neighborhood associations are a key componet of the overall City of Bellingham (COB) plan. The City believes that the core values must start at the neighborhood level. If you want our neighborhoods to reflect your values and vision then you should attend your WFNA meetings.  We bring you topics that are important to our neighborhood development and values based on your imput and priorities.

Stopping crime in out City neighborhoods is of the utmost importance.  Most of our meetings have our Neighborhood Police Officer, Eric Osterkamp in attendance to listen to your concerns and give us updates on criminal issues that affect us. He can be reached at (360) 778-8785, or at eosterkamp@cob.org.

We would like to keep communications between your elected board and our Whatcom Falls residents open and easy to access. We intend to use this website as part of the way we dispense information.

We also use a tool called Nextdoor. This is a is a privately-owned, free online social network used by many neighborhoods such as ours.  We encourage everyone to use nextdoor to communicate with your WFNA Board and all your neighbors in Whatcom Falls and surrounding neighborhoods. Find out more about Nextdoor Click Here! We encourage everyone to signup up for Nextdoor by Clicking Here!

Whatcom Falls Neighborhood
Photo Courtesy of AeriolPhotography.com

May WFNA Meeting Highlights

Steve Janiszewski the Parks Operations Manager with the Bellingham Parks and Rec department and Melissa Bianconi, the Recreation Manager gave us updates on what's happening in our parks.

Kirsten Wert, with the Whatcom Council of Goverments (Smart Trips), gave us an over view of the Smart Trips program and the ins and outs of bicycle safety.

Meeting minutes can be found below: