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Small and Simple Grant Program

2019 Small & Simple Grant Program 

The Small and Simple Grant Program was created by the Mayor's Office to fund projects that demonstrate city-wide benefit and encourage community engagement. There is a competitive application process and project awards are up to $5,000.

  • All City-recognized neighborhood associations are eligible to apply. Multiple neighborhoods may submit a joint application.
  • Grants will be awarded based on a competitive review process.
  • Grants will be awarded up to $5,000.
  • Applications are accepted between March 1- May 15, 2019. Grant awards will be announced June 1, 2019
  • Matching funds are not required.
  • Funds are available for one-time projects.
  • These grants are intended to make real, substantive, and positive changes in the neighborhoods.
  • Examples of allowable projects are included on page 2, but projects are not limited to those examples.
  • Projects should be led and completed by the neighborhood associations.
  • Funds are provided on a reimbursable basis, so neighborhoods must be willing and able to make necessary upfront costs.
  • Applications must include written permission from necessary land owner or City departments, where applicable.

For more information, contact the Mayor's Office.

Guidelines and application

Our Upcoming May 14th Meeting

Our featured speaker will be Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linville.
This will be an open question an answer format about issues that directly impact our neighborhood.

Some of the topics will be the Galbrith Mountain access issues through our neighborhood. Please feel free to email me questions that you would like to ask the Mayor so I can give her office advanced notice so she can be prepared to give us the most up to date information.

Recap of the March Meeting

We had a great March meeting. Thanks to Bellingham Public Works Director Ted Carlson for giving a great presentation on the new Water Pre-Treatment Plant that is now online at Whatcom Falls Park. He also talked about other Public Works Projects in the area.

Robin Elliott from CHS Northwest Bellingham and Ross Robb a feed supplier talked about rasing chickens with in the City Limits and how to maximize your egg production with just 2 to 4 layers!

See full meeting minutes below

All residents are encouraged to attend and to be active in your neighborhood . Our meetings are held at Kulshan Middle School, located at 1250 Kenoyer Drive. In the Library from 7:00 PM till 8:30 PM.


Whatcom Falls Neighborhood Association (WFNA)

The Bellingham neighborhood associations are a key componet of the overall City of Bellingham (COB) plan. The City believes that the core values must start at the neighborhood level. If you want our neighborhoods to reflect your values and vision then you should attend your WFNA meetings.  We bring you topics that are important to our neighborhood development and values based on your imput and priorities.

Stopping crime in out City neighborhoods is of the utmost importance.  Most of our meetings have our Neighborhood Police Officer, Eric Jay Knutsen in attendance to listen to your concerns and give us updates on criminal issues that affect us. He can be reached at (360) 778-8785, or at jknutsen@cob.org.

We would like to keep communications between your elected board and our Whatcom Falls residents open and easy to access. We intend to use this website as part of the way we dispense information.

We also use a tool called Nextdoor. This is a is a privately-owned, free online social network used by many neighborhoods such as ours.  We encourage everyone to use nextdoor to communicate with your WFNA Board and all your neighbors in Whatcom Falls and surrounding neighborhoods. Find out more about Nextdoor Click Here! We encourage everyone to signup up for Nextdoor by Clicking Here!

Whatcom Falls Neighborhood
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