Whatcom Falls

About the WFNA

After many years of existence the Whatcom Falls Neighborhood Association (WFNA) had become inactive and was on the verge of collapse. Fortunately the few remaining members were determined to not let that happen.

In the fall of 2014 they got together and did the work to make the WFNA viable again. The charter was rewritten, bylaws were prepared. The proper paperwork was filed with the IRS to receive Non-profit 501-c3 approval. You can see the charter by laws here: Charter Bylaws.

With that approval the City of Bellingham was able to recognize the WFNA association’s non-profit status, qualifying it for certain benefits.

One of the most important benefits is the opportunity to have an association member on the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission (MNAC).

The MNAC consists of one representative and one alternate from each of the recognized neighborhoods within the city of Bellingham. The primary purpose of the MNAC is communication.

  • The mayor is given the opportunity to communicate with and listen to the representatives of the neighborhood associations on topics that may be of interest or concern to neighborhoods.
  • Commission members serve as a conduit for timely, accurate information about City programs and services through various actions including reporting and/or forwarding to their membership information provided by the City.

Another benefit is financial support from the City of Bellingham to help facilitate meetings.  Whatcom Falls Neighborhood Association meetings began again January, 2015.  They are held conveniently at the Kulshan Middle School on Kenoyer Drive.   Currently the meetings are on the second Tuesday of February, April, June, September and November.

All residents of Whatcom Falls Neighborhood are encouraged to attend.  The meetings provide an opportunity to hear proposed construction projects and activities scheduled for the neighborhood, along with a venue to bring up topics of concern.  Most meetings include one or more guest speakers who discuss subjects as varied as City funded projects within the park, how to keep your home free of molds and proposed logging/construction projects within the neighborhood.

2018 WFNA Board Members

President: Stephen Dillon

Elected to the board originally in 2016. Elected to the Office of Vice-President in 2017. Resides on Alvarado Drive.

Vice-President: Todd Luther

Elected to the Office of Vice-President in 2019.

Secretary-Amanda Cook

Elected to the board in 2017.
Resides on Modoc Drive.

Treasurer: Claudia Oates

Elected to the board in 2017.
Resides on Alvarado Drive.

MNAC Representative: Jenny Baker-Couch

Elected to the board in 2018.

MNAC Alternate: Open

Elected to the board in 2019.

Director: Dave Ahrenholz

Elected to the board in 2018.
Resides on Spieden.